Kirishima Story

Hello! I just wanted to make this forum about the story of Kirishima! (yay) I left some questions below for you to answer, and I answered them myself. So, lets get this started!

1. What year should this take place?

2. Should there be other schools nearby Kirishima, and if so should we customize them?

3. Should there be uniforms?

4. Should there be clubs?

5. Should there be canon crossovers?

6. Should there be fantasy?

7. What should the town name be?

8. Should there be murder, kidnapping, ect.?

9. Should Kirishima be expensive and hard to get into, or easy to get into?

10. Should Kirishima specialize in something?

1. 2030 - 2040

2. Yes, and I think each of the four founders should make a high school, elementary school, and middle school if they want.

3. No, since this is a college.

4. Yes, although I am not sure if colleges in Japan actually have clubs. (I don't think so.)

5. I think there should be a vote on whether a certain crossover should be canon. For example, if people vote for Undertale to be canon in the world, it is. 

6. No, since we should try not to make this too similar to other wikis. (Hatsuharu)

7. Hitani, Kirishima, or Ryujin.

8. Yes.

9. Easy to get into.

10. No, although maybe a leaning towards science would be cool.